Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Tugas English Semester 1


In the cyber world a lot of crime violenty, like a crime in blocading a entertainment web, such as facebook, friendster, blogger and twitter. The definition of cyber crime like this, the cyber crime which we meet in the internet such as spread a virus in a manner online. The cyber maker invite the victim with a show up something written as “Congratulation, you are a 1000’s winner in this day, please click offer here.” And the their victim we live to click the knob in that writing and virus live spread in the victim of computer or laptop.

So, the cyber crime beside like a spread a virus, the also become a hacker plough a lot of situs or friendship web or entertainment. We know, now the peoples alow with facebook or like with friendster, and now make the same with the original, but can plough picture that we upload and our picture input the vulgar’s situs.

We often find incident like this. The hacker can easy input the security system millitery, in Pentagonia or Afganistan because a weak’s security system. The hacker also can break into a rekening in Internasional’s Bank in USA and take some of money that they need. There are example case can we take in New Jersey, California in USA, a teenager name Welt Johnson, he 16 years old, and success break into security system in his school for take a document of final test. Finally, after that the side know his act, and he go away from his school because he break into a secret’s document in his school.

From the case that, proven not only the specialist person computer data can break into security system of computer other, but many kids and teenagers still in the elementary and junior high school can break into the data of computer.

The virus can spread and doubling many data at address our email perforated and the weak of secure the data of security system. A technology modern can to use with the trainer people although in study computer.

So we must to warry to open the web and must be careful because a lot of virus can attack our computer or laptop, and that virus difficult to fanished. Fanished, a technology decrease except to increase the world, technology always rise every year.

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